Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Why Did Google Finance Just Shut Down?

Google Finance is a service by Google which featured headlines about enterprise and business for many of the business corporation which also includes all the financial decisions by those corporations. It also includes all the major news and stock information about these corporations. The major reason behind shutting down Google finance was that there were many other financial services on the internet which were much better than Google finance. Most of the people involved in with the finances used to choose OTHER platforms that Google Finance and it was nearly a failed attempt by Google.

What Were The Changes Made In Google Finance Time After Time

As Google finance was launched March 21, 2006, but time after time Google was stopping access to this site because of the renovation work. On December 12, 2006, Google launched the revamped version of this site which featured a new homepage design which had a feature where the user of the site can see the information about the currency. After spending unsuccessful years, the site was closed in August 2012 and after 5 years of that in 2017 Google said that the site was under renovation and they will remove the portfolio features from the site.

There have been so many issues with the Google Finance site that at last they have to shut it. No one was interested in using this site for any finance reference and people were using other platforms for information about finance and it was nearly a failed attempt from Google.

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