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Watch 123movies: The Movie Streaming Website And Its Popularity

This website is one that could potentially lock all the viewers inside their bedrooms with a tub of popcorn in one hand and a smartphone or any such gadget on the other to watch 123movies. It is one of the most popular online platforms available in the cyberspace, with the unique feature of free online streaming of movies or TV shows available to all people, who own a smartphone or a PC. It comes without any payment obligations or even the need to create an account, thus making it very popular among the younger generation. However, there exists a legal shadow over its usage, as there is the question of whether one should download and stream copyrighted content without paying for it but there is no settled legal note or decision on any such activity

An overview of the pros and cons

To watch 123movies has emerged largely as a saviour for people who faces a hectic schedule and prefers not to pay for streaming movies online while enjoying the luxury and comfort of being in their private spaces and enjoying new movies and series. It also has a very appealing look and easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. However, it has been criticized by many as being insensitive towards the producers or directors or anyone who derives their income from such movies or series. It can actually have a detrimental effect of sorts on them, thereby keeping 123movies in a space of pirated contents or in a shadow. Speaking from an objective point of view, it is safe to weigh out the pros and cons to watch 123movies, rather than taking one side and glorifying or decimating it.

The moral legitimacy to watch 123movies in retrospect

It has been a boon to many and at the same time a curse to another section of people, which leads to a moral confusion which essentially leads to legal ambiguity. In spite of a large number of users benefitting from this ‘shadow’ interface, the cons that are associated with it are more morally questionable in the sense that the creators behind the movies and series are at the shorter end of the rope since they are deprived of their potential income and at the same time, the span of it is expanding.

The option of viewing such entertainment content without any monetary losses shouldn’t dictate one’s morality and push them to break the thin line of legal and illegal activity. Therefore, it is quite evident that to watch 123movies, despite disguising like a boon, lies in a realm of grey area and poses a lot of risks.

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