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Is computer science and information technology independent?

The question of ‘Is computer science and information technology independent?’ has been a topic of the doubt for a long time. To a layman, these two terms might be the same thing, but in actual they hold wide differences in their meanings. Both computer science and information technology are the disciplines of the same realm, but they have different areas of focus and hold unique aspects, about which further content speaks in more detail.

About Computer Science

Computer Science is all about the theory of computational applications. It devises the new information and method of communication-based on concepts of algorithms and advanced mathematics and then manipulates them to come into the use of humans. In other words, Computer Science involves everything about the software, operating systems and implementation of these systems in the daily workload carried out by the general public.

About Information Technology

Information Technology, in popular called as IT, refers to the systems administration or the overall maintenance of the computer systems used on the commercial scale. It is more of an application based domain, where the series of operating systems are used to create a larger network and then carry out the basic workload at the industrial scale. Thus, for every IT student, the core subjects that are

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taught include network and database design and the basic theory to concepts of advanced mathematics.

Hence, the article clearly mentions the distinction between Computer Science and Information Technology and so, it can be inferred that both of these fields are not completely independent.

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