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How long does ALD- 52 last?

Pharmaceutical organizations and manufacturers continue researching and producing new psychoactive drugs. These drugs are synthesized by experimenting with existing drugs and substances time and again. Scientists experiment and analyze the general behavior of the drug, activity, interaction with other drugs, and side effects.

Being toxic and harmful, various research chemicals that have little history of human consumption due to psychedelic effects. The psychedelic effect is produced in the human body after the intake of an adequate amount of psychedelic drugs. These drugs cause hallucinations, delusions, distorted perception, impaired senses, etc. Many research chemicals are psychedelic in nature especially lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and analogs of LSD. ALD – 52 is considered a derivative of LSD.

Effects of different doses of ALD-52 

As no formal studies are conducted to research the proper effects of the drug, it is very hard to know about the nature and direct effects of the ALD-52 over any person.

Anecdotal reports found that an inadequate dose of the ALD – 52 may cause severe psychological effects like hallucinations, delusions, distorted cognitions, incoherent speech, disturbed conceptual thinking, and uncontrolled emotions. Reports from the community users of the ALD -52 also explored that it leaves a poor impact on the physical condition of the body like impaired sensations, nausea, high blood pressure, etc.

25-75 µg dose of ALD-52 is considered a light dose that does not harm or take over your body. The dose of 75- 150 µg is a common dose. The dose of ALD – 52 is considered a strong dose of up to 300 µg.

Safety Concerns

ALD-52 is among the research chemicals that are tested and researched the least. It is the reason no one can authentically report what are the exact side effects and impact on the human body after a specific dose. Even it is also unknown how many doses of ALD – 52 will cause the psychotic effects. It is the reason a lower amount of the substance is also dangerous and harmful for the user due to the non-predictable behavior of the substance. A rough estimate says that adductors use more than 100 µg dose of ALD- 52 and the onset of its effects start within 20 to 45 minutes. The effect and changes caused as a result of ALD – 52 may last from 12 hours to 24 hours at least depending upon the amount of dose taken in.


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