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German Guard Layer Colors as well as Patterns Differ Substantially

Genes of German Shepherd Layer Colors

Concerning the GSD and also German Shepherd layer shades, the type criterion from the SV specifically mentions: “The color of the GSD remains in itself trivial and has no effect on the character of the dog or on its fitness for work and also should be a second consideration therefore. The last shade of a young dog can only be determined when the outer coat has actually developed.”

Concerning the coat, the SV type typical states the following: “The normal (stock) coated GSD must lug a thick undercoat and also the external layer should be as thick as feasible, composed of straight tough close lying hairs. The hair on the head as well as ears, front of the legs, paws as well as toes is short. On the neck it is longer and also thicker, on some males creating a slight ruff. The hair expands much longer on the back of the legs as far down as the pastern and the suppress, and types rather thick trousers on the hindquarters. There is no difficult or rapid policy for the length of the hair, yet short mole-type layers are defective.” “No excellent pet dog is a negative shade”– Max von Stephanitz (breed founder of the pet) worrying coat colors.

Following is a very quick summary as well as recap of the different gene series in the GSD responsible for color based on info from black female german shepherd A Genetic Background” as well as “Practical Genes for Canine Breeders”, both by Malcolm Willis. Another recommended source is “The German Shepherd Today” by Winifred Strickland and also James “Jimmy” Moses.

Furthermore, understand that the black genetics is recessive to all the various other colors in GSD’s. Solid black German Shepherds bred to strong blacks German Shepherds will only generate blacks. The sable colors are leading over the other colors and also patterns in the type.


This gene regulates the black pigment formation on the GSD, not the hair color. The German Shepherd layer shades order of dominance is exactly as complies with: Black pigment including nose, eyerims as well as pads; Provider for liver color; Liver color – brownish black colors, brownish nose, eye edges and pads.


White coat color in the German Guard Pet dog is recessive to all various other colors. (Criterion GSD’s shades have this); Partial albinism (not seen); White layer with dark eyes and also nose (not albino); Yellowish coat collar (proposed).

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